Friday 28 September 2012

Guest Author Interview - Emily Shore

Today I welcome Emily Shore to the guest author interview feature, read what she has to say below:

Thanks for taking part, please tell us about yourself and what you do.
My name is Emily Shore, and I am a Young Adult Author, and I recently had 2 of the 12 books I've written published by Argo Navis Author Services. They are both in the paranormal romance category. One is a zombie romance called Flesher. And the other is a vampire murder mystery/coming of age story called Roseblood.

What first inspired you to start writing?
The answer to this stems from when I was a little girl, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't simply write short stories. Every time I started writing, it morphed into a full length book. Growing up, my family moved every few years, and we traveled often, which only helped to stir my imagination. I could make up stories in whatever environment I was, and I constantly added new ideas for future stories. Not to mention my extreme right-brain-dedness caused me to earn straight A-s in English and Writing all throughout my life. Don't ask me about math.

What do you find is the hardest part of writing?
For some, it is writer’s block. For me, it is having far too many ideas at once. I must have an entire folder of several different books I have plotted, and even when I am neck-deep in the middle of writing one genre, a completely different idea for a separate genre will overtake me.

And the most rewarding?
Writing itself is rewarding for me. It is an extension of who I am and who I’ve always wanted to be. It is my passion. And when people come back to me and tell me how thrilled they are with my book, it only urges me to write more. I love it when people are thrilled with my work.

If you were to write the biography of anybody, who would it be?
That would be probably have to be J.R.R. Tolkien. I used to be obsessed with the Lord of the Rings, and I would jump at the opportunity to do a thorough diagnoses on the great author’s life behind the incredible creation of Middle Earth!

What piece of advice would you give for new and aspiring authors?
Be passionate because if you don’t love what you do and have the drive to continue doing it, you’re selling yourself short. Practice never makes perfect, but it does make better. Prepare for rejection. Read and research! Never give up!

What are you currently working on?
I am actually in the middle of three projects. One, I am working on the sequel to Flesher because so many of my friends nearest me have threatened torture if I do not finish. I am also revamping *pun intended* the sequel to Roseblood because it was written at a much different stage of my life, and while I will keep the bare bones and theme of the story, I want to rework different scenes and do justice to the series as a whole. This year, my final projects will be coming back to the Dystopian book I began called Serenity as well as a children’s story I started to write for my nieces.

Tell us about your latest work and how we can find out more.
Synopsis for Roseblood:
Reina Caraway, human girl in a city of werewolves and vampires destined to be Queen of both races, finds herself at the core of a string of murders occurring all around her city. With only her dreams to guide her and her family to protect her, will she discover the murderer before it’s too late while juggling high school and newfound romance?

A murder mystery and coming of age romance, the epic Roseblood Series is certain to thrill and captivate all paranormal lovers.

Synopsis for Flesher:
What Ashleigh hides in her basement is a curse worthy of eternal condemnation ‒ Garrett, her fiancĂ© who, every night, becomes a flesher. Some call them zombies. Her people call them fleshers, unclean and cursed beings who feed on human flesh and blood. Will Ash find a cure for Garrett before the villagers find him and kill him?

A love story by nature, Flesher awakens deep and dark enigmas which will stir the very roots of your soul and leave you stalking the pages at night.

More in depth summaries available on Good Reads and on my website

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Thanks to Emily for sharing her time and thoughts, on Tuesday we are joined by Sherrie Cronin.

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